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GMT3 Next Phase - Core Clean out

GMT Telescope -- astronomical engineering at it's finest
Did You Know?
The GMT will have a resolving power 10 times greater than the Hubble Space Telescope!

"A Perfect Mirror"

View the Mirror Making Process

See how the mirrors for the GMT are created.
Did You Know?
Each of the GMT Mirrors will weigh roughly 10 tons

Casting for GMT4 to begin in late 2014

Mold construction to begin this summer
Did You Know?
Casting calls for 20 tons of Ohara E-6 borosilicate glass!



  • GMT3 Mirror Cast August 24, 2013

    UANews | Scientists at the UA's Steward Observatory Mirror Lab are casting the third mirror in a series of seven that will be used to construct the Giant Magellan Telescope. Once completed, the telescope will be the largest in the...

  • GMT2 Mirror Update

    September, 2012  the Giant Magellen Telescope Mirror 2 (GMT2) has completed the process of cleaning out the 1700 hexagonal columns made of special refractory material, which create the final honeycomb shape. This material can...

  • Mirror Casting Event for the GMT

    On January 14, 2012, the second 8.4-meter (27.6 ft) diameter mirror for the Giant Magellan Telescope (GMT) will be cast inside a rotating furnace at the UA’s Steward Observatory Mirror Lab underneath the campus football stadium....